The answers to the above questions are closely linked to how you relate to others! They are your True Colors(tm)! #stafftraining #kansascity #teambuilding

By using our True Colors™ concept, you’ll be better equipped to solve conflicts, open lines of communication, and understand the actions of those around you.


True Colors™ workshops- facilitated by Teri C Brooks (formerly Teri Worten) reinforces and enhances effective interpersonal interactions by providing a platform for understanding the needs, motivations, and strengths of others in a non-threatening, easy-to-understand format!

True Colors™ is a unique tool because it helps us understand ourselves and others by identifying personal strengths and stressors based on temperament.

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True Colors™ is not simply a personality test, but a metaphor for describing human behavior.

It doesn’t label or “box” people into set behaviors, instead it identifies individuals based on similar characteristics and core values.  A team empowered with these resources can accomplish anything!