The Blue Leadership Style

The Blue Leadership Style

Does your personality lead with your heart?  Do you often dream of a better world? I mean, really ponder the concept on a regular basis? If so, this could indicate you have the Blue leadership style. If you are a Blue manager, this means your intuition is the key indicator of how you manage situations. Others lean on data, some go by what has occurred in the past, yet other leaders just make a move instantaneously – but you have that thing in your “gut’ that often guides you.

If nurturing others comes as easily as breathing, you could definitely be a Blue. I think it’s the nurturing and watching things grow that means so much to this temperament. 

They dream of having a role in making everything in their path better.  If a person is down, this Blue personality wants to make things better in some way. If they see a problem, they work to fix it for the sheer joy of helping. The Orange temperament will fix it simply because it needs to be done. The Green will enjoy the process of figuring out the situation, and the Blue genuinely wants to be a blessing to others.

The Blue Leadership Style is to be Peacemaker.

The Blue personality wants everyone to get along.

They don’t understand why disharmony must exist. They revel in being civil and diplomatic.  This temperament chooses their words carefully so as not to offend.

This is something that comes naturally to them.  They don’t have to work at it or find books to learn how to do it; it is just who they are. In fact, most of the books about peace and harmony were likely written by someone with this temperament. 

Want to know a secret?

People with this temperament often wish they could be another because they may perceive people take advantage of them far too often. They hate that their kindness can be mistaken for weakness because it is not.

When someone is a slight jerk, this temperament often thinks of all the mean things they could have said AFTER the encounter. Their first gear is not to be mean or hurtful. But, if pushed far enough, get ready! 

I’ll talk about that more later.  

They “feel”  it, really feel it. 

The Blue leader is so in touch with their feelings they care deeply.

They give their all to friendships and love relationships. When they are hurt, it really hurts.  The pains of the heart can almost seem physical for this personality.

You are likely a calm, optimistic, and kind leader.

In my lifetime, I’ve been around a lot of people with the Blue leadership style. Now that I am exposed to this research, I almost seek them out for my professional network.

They are amazing friends and very honest resources. They will tell it like is, only they will do it without hurting you in the process. I love to work for these individuals and to have them give me feedback on my work or professional choices.

The Blue leadership style is rooted in authenticity. It’s how they esteem themselves. That is why they have such a straight-shooting approach to life.

With an innate ability to inspire and uplift others, the Blue leadership style is great at instilling a sense of purpose and enthusiasm.

They have a knack for recognizing people’s unique strengths and potential and use this insight to encourage them to reach their fullest potential.

Their positive energy and genuine belief in others create an empowering environment where individuals feel valued and motivated to excel, ultimately fostering personal and collective growth.

Your Intuition

 They also intuitively tell when someone is not quite “right” without others around them. You can try to BS them, but they can always seem to tell. 

So, don’t try it.

They can spot a fake a mile away! In a past position, I would regularly invite a colleague with the Blue leadership style to attend interviews with me. You can’t beat their intuition!

Your staff will not succeed in trying to fake you out if you have the Blue leadership style!

If you do, they do; they will have hell to pay. Being the most emotional of temperaments, anger is definitely on their radar.  They don’t want to cause harm, but if they are pushed far enough, they will tell you where to get off. 

Creativity is at the heart of the Blue Leadership Style

They bring a natural gift for creativity to a team or group. This intuitive person tends to be a fantastic communicator, both verbally and with the written word.

Blue temperaments often write poetry, journal, and… yes, blog. The expression and the “getting things out” fuel them—that, along with helping others in some way. 

Blue leaders tend to be naturally sensitive, and according to Melody Wilding, LMSW whose byline says, “I help sensitive high-achievers thrive in the workplace” who was featured in an article on titled “Why Highly Sensitive People Make The Best Leaders According To A Psychologist” says sensitive people make darn good leaders. Read the article here.

“…you have a deep capacity to channel your focus with precision, make thoughtful choices, and spark rich insights to bring great ideas to the table.”

Along those lines, they want their labor to make some type of difference in the world.

Being in the job only for money won’t fly with this temperament.

They want their life’s work to matter and their staff to care about how their work matters, too.

I think this is linked to their naturally spiritual nature. Blues need to connect with someone more significant than themselves. Their spiritual insight may make them seekers.

My favorite Blue personality type is such a sweet person.

Her outlook on the world keeps me from growing jaded by the chaos of life.

Regardless of what I am going through, she reminds me things get better, and everything will be okay.

She’s the best listener, which works perfectly for our friendship because I am the best talker.  Ironically, she is a manager at a national nonprofit organization. I’m sure she carries that gentleness to caring in her leadership style. How could she not? We are who we are…and that is a good thing if we let our True Colors(tm) shine through!

Here are a few other characteristics of the Blue Leadership style:

  • Communication (varied)
  • Reaching people 
  • Authenticity and realness
  • Building and nurturing relationships
  • Cooperative
  • Inspirational
  • To be “better” themselves and others like them
  • Searching for creative outlets 

If this is you, don’t be ashamed of your ability to care about your team. It’s what makes them strive to perform for you. Leverage that.

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