Kansas City Training and Instructional Design Consultant

For over twenty years, I have worked throughout Kansas City’s nonprofit and business community as a training facilitator.

My career started working for a capacity-building organization funded to train nonprofit staff throughout the Midwest. It was there I honed my consulting skills. I learned to ask the right questions in order to provide services that supported learners as they changed and improved their performance. Performance models, observing learners as they performed their jobs AFTER training was an essential part of our work.

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Now as a consultant, I focus on culture.

If you can, indeed, change the culture of a team, you can impact performance.

Actual change won’t occur unless you modify the way individuals view processes, systems, and one another.

A team does not simply happen.

Some managers think their group is a team simply because they call it one. You can’t “will” your group to be a team. No, that takes work.

It happens when brain processes move beyond the protective pre-frontal cortex and people feel emotionally, physically, and professionally safe.

Then, a team forms, and creativity looms!

True Colors trainer in Kansas City, Missouri

I am a significant first step toward a cohesive team.

Whether you schedule a training or technical assistance process like instructional design, I am your solution for a stronger team dynamic.

I know the research.

I have a proven record, and I have the experience.

My content is intelligent, meaningful, and expeditious. You won’t regret the decision to collaborate with me. I’m just saying. 🙂

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