2 FANTASTIC Team Cohesion Activities

I love thinking about teams. Though I’m no longer working as a teambuilding consultant, I still enjoy thinking of ways people can either train teams to work together or how managers can boost team closeness. The team cohesion activity below is the result of one of those brainstorming moments I had recently. 🙂 What is […]

Difference between team-building and team cohesion

Whenever I’m contracted to facilitate True Colors™’ team-building workshops, I often ask the client to explain their goals for the training. Their response helps me customize my training content to meet their needs.  It also helps me understand the overall expectations of our time together. More often than not, their response to my question is […]

Email etiquette rules in the workplace

Today’s topic: email etiquette rules in the workplace. Have you ever been completely awestruck by a rude, silly, or insensitive email? I have! I can believe how ignorant (or insensitive) some managers email communications can be. I’ve met and encountered several leaders who desperately need to read an entire book on email etiquette tips for […]