It may seem impossible for individuals with different values, strengths, backgrounds and needs to work together as a cohesive team. But, it’s not impossible. Whether you schedule a live face-to-face session (when it’s safe) or an online teambuilding (or team-building) session, you can equip your team with the tools and understanding to work well in healthy and productive ways. Then they can focus on outcomes and producing versus becoming caught up in workplace drama.

What’s at the heart of an effective team and how online teambuilding can help.

The key lies in understanding. Once individuals appreciate the needs and stressors of others, they can interact in ways that promote team cohesion and empathy.

An effective team gets results and meets goals. That’s what you want as a manager. An unproductive team costs you money, energy, and even valuable staffers. Quite often the biggest barrier to effective teamwork is misunderstanding and interpersonal turmoil. You’ve heard the saying “people don’t leave companies/organizations, they leave PEOPLE!” So true, right?

A solid online teambuilding session can go a long way toward helping your team learn to interact based on what their counterparts need and value.

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Schedule a True Colors Team-building training!!!! This is the all-important first step in equipping your team to understand, appreciate, and learn how to celebrate what each person brings to the team dynamic.

Virtual sessions are now available!

In light of the new normal, we are all attempting to navigate, I will host True Colors team building sessions completely online now. The sessions cannot include more than 10 participants at a time.

In light of the new normal, we are all attempting to navigate, I will host True Colors team building sessions. The sessions cannot include more than 10 participants at a time.

A True Colors Assessment – so much fun!

During your time with me, you get to complete a  super easy temperament assessment in order to authenticate and create a context for how you navigate workplace teams based on your temperament and preferences.

Remember, the sessions are not designed to “pigeon hole” you into a set of behaviors. Not at all.

The purpose is to actually share and discover what systems, environments, and processes work best for you and each member of your team.

You can take a free assessment at – that is where I explore how temperament “shows up” in your personal life. Here its all about working effectively and building a stronger team in your workplace.

Once you clearly understand this valuable information, you can fast-track your interactions toward effectiveness. Sure, you can acquire this knowledge about your colleagues in time. But, why wait when you can get concise, accurate insight about your coworkers within a couple of well-spent hours?

How much does online teambuilding cost?

My online True Colors team-building sessions last 2 hours – with one break. Each participant needs:

  • a computer, laptop, tablet, or device
  • audio capabilities (i.e. mic and speakers built-in or available)
  • an open-mind and willingness to have a blast!

Contact me to discuss my new online teambuilding modules and learn how you may schedule one today!

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