Online Training and Coaching

Leadership Coaching
Leadership coaching is based on your temperament.

Note: I am no longer training or consulting. I hope to return soon.

For some time now, I have been piloting online training sessions.

They have been amazing! My first and most successful live webinar is my Truly Me™ online workshop. Truly Me™ guides you to discover and rediscover your intrinsic talents and strengths.

Life and often failure can impact our sense of self-worth as we age. We forget what we bring to the “table” in relationships, work, and even our personal lives.

Truly Me™ reconnects you with who you are at the core. It helps you discover what comes easily and naturally to you and identify areas you may need to work on.

During this online training session, you will:

  • Inventory the values, joys, and strengths you bring to each interpersonal encounter.
  • Maximize these strengths in professional and personal relationships.
  • Discover ways to manage weaknesses and self-sabotaging behaviors.

You’ll love this intersection between soft skills training and personal development.