Check out “TCB the Trainer” and listen to my musings on navigating the workplace, management, and all thing professional. I discuss blog posts, interview other professionals, and brainstorm solutions to everyday problems in the workplace.

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Why a workplace podcast?

Listen, real life happens – for most people – in workplace settings. For certain, we spend the Lion’s Share of our time in our places of business.

Whether you’re a professional or working in another box on the organizational chart, you’ve got to learn how to navigate your social and professional networks between 8 and 5.

A straight-shooter all day long.

I want to talk about the blatant challenges we all face but also some of the more subtle nuances that are easily missed.

The purpose of the podcast is simple: to help us all be our truest selves and our most authentic all while reaching our professional goals.

This podcast is not for the faint at heart. We’ll talk about real issues in real time. Buckle up and take a listen, it’s going to be a hilariously bouncy ride!

This workplace podcasts will inspire you and provide tips to help you succeed.

Work life podcast by TCB the Trainer
Yes, it’s still me. Just a different style. 🙂

Listen now!

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