Kansas City True Colors Workshops

It may seem impossible for individuals with different values, strengths, backgrounds, and needs to work together as a cohesive team. But it’s not.

The key lies in understanding.

Once individuals understand the needs and stressors of others, they can interact in ways that promote team cohesion and an empathetic environment.

An effective team gets results and meets goals. That’s what you want. An unproductive, disjointed team costs you money, energy, and even valuable staff members.

Unhappy people tend to vote with their “feet”. By this statement, I mean they leave a company.

Some, I suspect leave long before reaching their potential with your company or organization. Employee retention is the key to a productive team. Once individuals learn how their colleagues might work or approach projects, they can find their “place” in the dynamic. Synergy happens when a gear’s spokes work together … despite being shapped differently.

Kansas City instructional designer and True Colors consultant
Different… but working together.

Your team can similarly work together. They can find their way when they know who their fellow comrades are and how they operate.

Conflicts minimize. Collaboration increases.

But, step one is understanding one another – understanding one another’s “shapes” or intentions.

Schedule a True Colors Team-building training. This is the all-important first step in equipping your team to understand, appreciate, and learn how to celebrate what each person brings to the team dynamic.