For over twenty years, I have worked throughout Kansas City’s nonprofit and business community as a training facilitator.

My career began with a non-profit called YouthNet. Boy, I loved that job.

As an organization, we partnered with local and national youth development organizations to provide Advancing Youth Development (AYD) curriculum, as well as a host of other modules.

We provided training for youth workers in organizations in Kansas City, Our learners included organizations such as The Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City, Girl Scouts, Anytown, Whatsoever Community Center, Synergy Services, and many more.

Training Consultants in Kansas City area

The AYD training taught Kansas City youth workers the “science” associated with working with young people.

Our other modules (like True Colors) helped organizations cultivate collaborative workplaces where individuals worked as teams.

YouthNet is gone now and I’m now a consultant focusing on Kansas City team-building training.  

I deliver team-building training and personal effectiveness modules that change negative thinking (which soon impact performance), inept practices, and strengthen teams in positive, lasting ways.

Hey, culture is where it’s at! I know that’s not grammatically correct, but it’s true!

I know how to begin the process of transforming your workplace culture toward a tolerant and empathic one. The work to build that culture will be yours, but I will give you some valuable tools to begin the process.

True change won’t occur unless you modify the way individuals view processes, systems, and one another.

Now, to be clear, a team does not simply happen. Some managers think their group is a team just because they call it one. You can’t “will” your group to be a team. No, that takes work. In fact, it happens when brain processes move beyond the protective pre-frontal cortex and people feel emotionally, physically, and professionally safe. Then a team forms and creativity looms!

If you can, indeed, change your culture you will impact performance in positive ways. I’m talking about both team and personal performance.

True Colors trainer in Kansas City, Missouri

As a facilitator, I am a great first step toward a cohesive team.

Whether you schedule a training or technical assistance process, I am your solution for a stronger team dynamic.

I know the research. I have a proven record of success and I have the experience.

My content is intelligent, meaningful, and expeditious. I’ll help you create a culture of respect and trust among your team members.

Why wait? Contact me today.

What I like to do around personality research in workplaces…

Leveraging the 4 personality styles to help you when working with different personalities in the workplace.  I also discuss often how business personalities play a role in how you approach work and manage work personalities in general. I also answer the question” “how does personality influence communication at work?” Your temperament plays a role in everything. I love talking about it and exploring exactly how!

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