1. Builds Cohesive Teams

Our teambuilding component affects a number of the individual, group, and organizational factors that contribute to team performance. TCB assesses your needs and business goals to ensure workshops align perfectly with your long-term mission for your team.

TCB facilitates interactive processes that inspire emotional intelligence and collaborative spirit. Teams that work well together are better able to advance toward desired performance outcomes outlined by the executive tier.

TCB also provides personal effectiveness tools to help work teams reach their highest potential. One of our modules explores attitudes that inhibit performance and empowers staffers to set goals and plan for success!

2. Differences become Assets – Not barriers

Individual differences can thwart team productivity. A deeper understanding of others fosters effective interpersonal relationships in the workplace. This is imperative because the keys to productivity exist within the context of professional relationships.

We empower staff members to work cooperatively and get tasks accomplished. The end result is heightened productivity, stronger workplace “connections” and desired performance outcomes.

3. A Morale Boost

Kansas City workshops for large and small groups. A morale drop can result in disconnected small groups and the entire team can suffer. Team morale is strongly linked to your corporate culture. Now is an excellent time to provide relevant team-building opportunities and improve cohesion!

If your organization has experienced recent layoffs, the remaining team members need to re-engage in the group formation process.

TCB is the perfect training consultant to guide your group through the process from norming to performing.

4. Performance Consulting

TCB understands that training in itself is not an “end-all”. So, we employ the principles of performance consulting to develop a customized training experience that is perfect for your team.