E-Learning Samples

Please note these files reflect my capacity from several years ago.

The modules were designed to appeal to nonprofit learners with a youth-centric perspective.

Unfortunately, my most recent work is classified and cannot be accessed.

Sample 1: This is an interactive sample of an Articulate RISE course I created some time ago.
Please click here: https://tericbrooks.com/brooks-sample-course/

Sample 2: This short e-learning module is designed to pique the affective learning domain and inspire the learner. This somewhat comical and “perky” approach was appropriate for this audience. 

At 51 seconds, an Articulate Storyline slider is demoed. Please view the YouTube video for the demo.

Sample 3: This example was interactive, but the files are now several years old and may not work as intended. Also, I no longer have access to a personal version of Articulate Storyline to update.  
Please click here: https://tericbrooks.com/sample-2-brooks/

Sample 4: This is a video demo of altered states using Articulate Storyline. Please view the YouTube video.

Thank you so much!