What is the first step in a training design process?

I have over thirty years of experience as a workplace trainer. In my experience, the first step in a training design process is typically conducting a “Training Needs Analysis.” This step involves identifying and understanding the gap between the target audience’s current skills, knowledge, and performance and the desired skills, knowledge, and performance required to […]

Awesome Learning and Development Quotes

Before I share my learning and development quotes, let me first say, in today’s rapidly evolving world, staying ahead in your career is not just about landing a great job and sticking to it. In my experience, continuous growth and adaptability have become the key to thriving in the world of work. This is where […]

Teaching philosophy for trainers

I was thinking, a training philosophy for trainers is a good idea because it is a directional and instructional lighthouse that keeps trainers progressing in the right instructional direction as facilitators and instructional designers. It ensures you’re always true to yourself and what you believe about the adults in your workshops or training sessions. It […]

Sample training facilitator professional development plan

Let me ask you a question: if you’re a training facilitator, have you ever thought about writing a professional development plan? I must admit until recently, I have not. Maybe it’s all this pandemic stuff or something, but I’ve been quite contemplative the last few months. I’ve thought about everything from my marriage to my […]

What makes a good training?

Did you know some theories suggest traditional learning systems were influenced by experimental psychologists? It’s true!  They assert many of the very same approaches used to train dogs and animals are actually used to teach children too. It’s all rooted in an external rewards-based system. You know what I mean, a mouse goes through a […]