What are soft skills questions to ask an applicant?

Soft skills questions to discover a person’s skill level… After a yucky customer service experience, I began thinking about soft skills. Soft skills are very different from hard-core skills. See, hard skills directly correlate with the job. Soft skills and hard skills are indeed distinct in nature and serve different purposes within the realm of […]

The Orange Leadership Style

Before I touch on the Orange leadership style, let me explain what I’m talking about here. The Orange temperament is one of four personality types in the True Colors spectrum. The True Colors™ personality system is composed of four distinct colors—Orange, Gold, Blue, and Green—which represent different sets of personality traits. By understanding your True […]

The Green Leader

The Green Leader is a visionary with an aptitude for understanding systems and concepts to lead to meeting workplace goals. Green leaders utilize the True Colors personality typology. This temperament manages with rationality, objectivity, and logic. People with the Green temperament have a flair for innovation and analyzing systems and processes for improvement and change. […]

Difference between team-building and team cohesion

Whenever I’m contracted to facilitate True Colors™’ team-building workshops, I often ask the client to explain their goals for the training. Their response helps me customize my training content to meet their needs.  It also helps me understand the overall expectations of our time together. More often than not, their response to my question is […]

Team maintenance in the workplace – Kansas City Workshops

I think team maintenance is more important than team building.  Team maintenance in the workplace is often overlooked as an important part of the team growth process.   It’s all about team-building, but what happens after the team has built the initial connection (or re-connection)? Workplace team maintenance preserves the bonds, connections, and networks necessary […]