Dressing inappropriately for job interview

Dressing inappropriately for an interview

Beware: dressing inappropriately for a
a job interview can be totally avoided.

I felt so bad.  I almost couldn’t rebound from that dark, lurking sense of regret. It was like a gray cloud looming over my training, and I couldn’t seem to shake it. I thought about what I should have said, could have said, and ended back at the point of the scenario where remorse resided. Let me get you caught up on what I’m talking about. My subject is dressing inappropriately for an interview, which ties in. Hang in there with me.

being professional emails

Email etiquette rules in the workplace

Today’s topic: email etiquette rules in the workplace. Have you ever been completely awestruck by a rude, silly, or insensitive email?

I have! I can believe how ignorant (or insensitive) some managers email communications can be. I’ve met and encountered several leaders who desperately need to read an entire book on email etiquette tips for managers.

What surprised me most was that the person’s email tone was completely different from the person I had met. In other words, the sender was warm, charming, and professional in person, but via email, they morphed into evil, mean, wicked Rumpelstiltskin.