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Training Kansas City Youth for Success

I’m a better “aunt” than “mom” …when it comes to other people’s kids, that is. Allow me to offer some context. Training Kansas City Youth is my skill; ongoing opportunities and supports are not. Over the years, I have developed a great reputation for  delivering engaging, effective and fun True Colors training in Kansas City. I’ve trained the […]

Dressing inappropriately for an interview

Beware: dressing inappropriately for aa job interview can be totally avoided. I felt so bad.  I almost couldn’t rebound from that dark, lurking sense of regret. It was like a gray cloud looming over my training, and I couldn’t seem to shake it. I thought about what I should have said, could have said, and ended […]

Managing Volunteers -Tips for Volunteer Managers

Managing volunteers is the trickiest of management situations. It requires a share of intentionality, planning, and even mind-reading.  #Volunteers #Volunteermanagement (sorry, this is for my Twitter feed). 🙂 First of all, volunteers are not staff. Duh, right? Unlike staff, they are not aligned with your organization because of a paycheck. I like to say, volunteers are […]

Email etiquette rules in the workplace

Today’s topic: email etiquette rules in the workplace. Have you ever been completely awestruck by a rude, silly, or insensitive email? I have! I can believe how ignorant (or insensitive) some managers email communications can be. I’ve met and encountered several leaders who desperately need to read an entire book on email etiquette tips for […]

5 Top Conversation Starters for Networking

Looking for conversation startersfor networking? Your boss conspicuously walks around talking to you. The incessant roar of conversation outside your cubical. The copier. That person next to you is playing her music across the hall. I could go on and on. Managing workplace distractions has become essential for maintaining productivity and focus in today’s fast-paced work environment. […]

Team maintenance in the workplace – Kansas City Workshops

I think team maintenance is more important than team building.  Team maintenance in the workplace is often overlooked as an important part of the team growth process.   It’s all about team-building, but what happens after the team has built the initial connection (or re-connection)? Workplace team maintenance preserves the bonds, connections, and networks necessary […]