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Schedule a True Colors or Online teambuilding!

It may seem impossible for individuals with different values, strengths, backgrounds, and needs to work together as a cohesive team. But it’s not impossible. Whether you schedule a live face-to-face session (when it’s safe) or an online teambuilding (or team-building) session, you can equip your team with the tools and understanding to work well in healthy and […]

Great Tips for webinar speakers

Are you leading a webinar? I can’t wait to share my training checklist and tips for webinar speakers! What’s better than being trained from the comfort of one’s own office or home? I know what is!  Being the trainer facilitates a webinar from the comfort of your office or home! Webinars are incredibly convenient (and sometimes) […]

The Orange Leadership Style

Before I touch on the Orange leadership style, let me explain what I’m talking about here. The Orange temperament is one of four personality types in the True Colors spectrum. The True Colors™ personality system is composed of four distinct colors—Orange, Gold, Blue, and Green—which represent different sets of personality traits. By understanding your True […]

The Green Leader

The Green Leader is a visionary with an aptitude for understanding systems and concepts to lead to meeting workplace goals. Green leaders utilize the True Colors personality typology. This temperament manages with rationality, objectivity, and logic. People with the Green temperament have a flair for innovation and analyzing systems and processes for improvement and change. […]

A Gold Temperament Manager

Let’s explore how the  Gold Temperament manages teams and leads others. Your personality influences much of your work – including leading a team. Play up your natural talents and skills to “bring yourself to work” for the benefit of your team. Wait!  If you are unsure what I’m talking about with True Colors, click here. […]

What is True Colors?

Have you wondered: What is True Colors in Kansas City? Simply put, True Colors is a great take on temperament research.  You’ll find it to be very similar to Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®), but instead of letters, it associates colors with temperaments. I’m a training facilitator in Kansas City, so that’s why I entitled this […]

Difference between team-building and team cohesion

Whenever I’m contracted to facilitate True Colors™’ team-building workshops, I often ask the client to explain their goals for the training. Their response helps me customize my training content to meet their needs.  It also helps me understand the overall expectations of our time together. More often than not, their response to my question is […]

Personality and Leadership

Let’s ponder Your personality and leadership Style. Managing people can be tricky. No, it is tricky.  There are hurdles, challenges, and a multitude of tests.  If you ever Google terms like “being a good manager” or “tips for managers,” hundreds of results surface. Some are good.  Others are worthy of an instant click on the noble […]