Video conferencing best practices

No two ways about it. Hosting virtual meetings is now more a “thing” than it ever was! I know anyone who purchased stock in Zoom is incredibly happy right now. Gee, I wish I had. All jokes aside, because of the current health crisis in our world, online meetings and webinars have taken precedence over face-to-face meetings for sure. It’s definitely our new “normal” – are you tired of hearing that phrase yet? I am. Either way, let’s talk about some video conferencing best practices.

Schedule a True Colors or Online teambuilding!

Schedule a True Colors or Online teambuilding!

It may seem impossible for individuals with different values, strengths, backgrounds, and needs to work together as a cohesive team. But it’s not impossible. Whether you schedule a live face-to-face session (when it’s safe) or an online teambuilding (or team-building) session, you can equip your team with the tools and understanding to work well in healthy and productive ways. Then they can focus on outcomes and producing versus becoming caught up in workplace drama.

Patti labelle leadership

Patti LaBelle Leadership Lesson

Life sure can deliver a lesson in the unlikeliest of places.

What I learned about leadership from Patti LaBelle was totally unexpected.

It’s sort of a sickness for me. Well, not really, but I tend to see team dynamics everywhere I look – even in my “down” time.  Remember that little boy in that creepy movie who whispered: “I see dead people”?

tips for webinar

Great Tips for webinar speakers

Are you leading a webinar?

I can’t wait to share my training checklist and tips for webinar speakers! What’s better than being trained from the comfort of one’s own office or home? I know what is!  Being the trainer facilitates a webinar from the comfort of your office or home! Webinars are incredibly convenient (and sometimes) even more efficient than traditional, face-to-face learning environments.