Facilitating True Colors
in Kansas City and Training for Facilitators

Hey, you’ve found the most popular True Colors trainer in Kansas City! Really. True Colors in Kansas City starts here.

However, since the world changed (yeah, let’s call it that), my training portfolio changed with it. I have not yet begun accepting contracts to meet in person, but soon, I will. In the meantime, please enjoy my thoughts on training and my blog posts.

I’ve worked very hard to establish a reputation for being a competent and skilled trainer.

With over twenty years of training and facilitation experience, my clients describe my training style as “dynamic”, “sensitive”, “skillful” and “engaging”. I tend to agree. 🙂

Prior to consulting, I spent ten years as a training and community relations manager with a local nonprofit organization called YouthNet of Greater Kansas City.

To this day, I credit [the then president], Deborah Craig, for cultivating my innovative spirit and creativity.

After YouthNet dissolved, I branched into consulting. Oh what a ride it’s been!

I was able to acquire contracts with local nonprofits, area school districts, businesses, companies, and universities. It’s been such an amazing “ride!”

I also lend my skills to a national nonprofit organization in the city.

Nevertheless, my entrepreneurial fervor remains strong and enduring.

Regardless of where I go as a professional, I’ll always be a freelance consultant. I love working with my clients and helping them meet their team and organizational goals.

Instructional Design and Curricula Design Kansas City

Over the years, I have acquired several facilitator certifications including:

“True Colors”
My most popular training to date! This team-building and personal development module helps groups (and individuals) maximize the various ways we all contribute to the world around us.

I’m also certified in DISC, but True Colors captures the participants’ attention like no other module I’ve ever presented.

“Increasing Human Effectiveness”
Often, we are our biggest enemies to success. This module helps teams grow stronger by working on their individual parts.

Each participant identifies, understands, and redirects the self-sabotaging behaviors that compromise their success personally and on a team.

“Advancing Youth Development”
Willingness is not the only requirement for working with teens.

This module explores tactics, tips and strategies youth professionals (or youth workers) must master in order to maximize young people’s strengths and participation. Youth workers learn the science behind engaging young people in this workshop.

“Facilitative Leadership”
This is a terrific people-centered process that explores several ways a team can reach and maintain consensus. It’s all about results, the process, and how you get there together.

Best practices of workshop facilitation (i.e. Train the Trainer)
Training, in itself, is an exercise in balance. Training is more than public speaking. Trainers must be able to balance information delivery while meeting the various needs of the learners.

In this session, I’ll teach you how to leverage temperaments, personalities, and learning styles while delivering a multi-faceted, fun learning experience.

Adventures in Attitudes (AiA)”
This module is the ultimate EQ resource. It helps people learn to manage their emotions, to develop greater understanding, empathy, and flexibility skills at work and in life.

AiA reveals the timeless powerful principles that affect our success regardless of our work or technical skillset. It changes people’s lives by helping them control their emotions and their thoughts. Powerful stuff.

Increasing Parent Involvement (Parent Involvement Training in Kansas City
Several years ago, I attended a training to learn this research from its author Dr. Joyce Epstein of Johns Hopkins University. It presents a framework for defining six different types of parent involvement and explores ways to leverage each one. Increasing Parent Involvement assists educators in developing an equitable approach to school and family partnership programs.

Teri C. Brooks, training facilitators

The “trainer” count-down…4…3…2…1

My Training Methods

My Method
In all my workshops, I synthesize various areas of research to create a customized learning experience to meet the various and specific needs of each client. In other words, I use all I know to give you the result you want. It’s as simple as that.

About me personally…

I’m a lifetime Kansas City resident and a graduate of the University of Missouri – Kansas City.

I’m married with two sons.

Training Fee: In-person Training

My in-person fee is $300.00 per hour with a 2-hour minimum. However, face-to-face trainings are suspended until further notice.

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