A Gold Temperament Manager


Let’s explore how the  Gold Temperament manages teams and leads others. Your personality influences much of your work – including leading a team. Play up your natural talents and skills to “bring yourself to work” for the benefit of your team.

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The Gold temperament is part of the True Colors personality type indicator. This means people with the Gold temperament bring unique gifts to the workplace. Gold leaders leverage their sense of order, responsibility, and structure to build team effectiveness.

Now, let’s talk Gold.

You have lots of strengths!

If you attended my most recent training in Kansas City, you learned Golds use task lists to manage multiple demands on their time. They like having a good “handle” on their duties and responsibilities and never want to be slackers.

Is that you? If so, people value your ability to get things accomplished, and your many to-do lists may be a tool that helps you get all done.

Recently, a Gold told me, “Teri, project management apps are the best thing in the world”. That’s something you don’t hear every day, right? But, if you’re Gold, you’re likely nodding your head in agreement.

Wait! Let me write it down!

Another thing about lists, you’re good at seeing a big problem and breaking it into smaller, controllable pieces. Sometimes, that is what your list is – a big, old problem broken into tiny jobs.

Other times, the list is all about manageability and controlling life’s demands.

Dependability is another part of your core value system. When the “chips are down,” people know they can count on you, and their confidence is justified. You deliver…or die trying.

You know, I think Golds get a bad rep. But, they bring many strengths and consistency to teams and management roles.  Let me speak directly to you: just like the other temperaments, you, as a Gold leader, have a few potential “blind spots” of which to be aware.

“I’ve Got This!”

As a natural “take charge” person, be careful not to overstep boundaries or force control on a project you’ve delegated. Make a few recommendations and fight the burning urge to interfere. It is an “urge” for you.  Deep inside, you may see ways to improve things, but you must learn to delegate and trust your team.

As you know, some of your team members approach tasks differently than you would, and that’s OK. As long as they produce and do the job efficiently, try not to stress over their ways of work.  Take a deep breath and let it go.

Embracing risks is just….hard!

Let’s talk now about how you may manage risks. Risk minimizes your ability to control an outcome (or a process), which can be tough for a natural-born planner like you.

Risks are often pathways toward improvement and innovation. If things don’t work out, it’s no problem; it may be for the best. Remember, your team learns just as much from failure as they do from success – maybe even more. Trust the process and challenge yourself to be flexible and “hands-off.”

Time-wasters and Rule-breakers

Another stressor may be when people don’t follow through on promises. It simply doesn’t make sense to you. A Gold professor once said, “It boggles my mind when people go back on their word.” This person was a primary Gold with a secondary Green. Read more about Green here.

When people flake, you may say to yourself, “I’m a dependable person; why can’t others be too?” For your own sanity, let that all go in your personal life.  In the context of your management style, find out the “whys” behind the failure.  You may be able to coach the team member on project or time management tips.

It also bugs you when folks circumvent rules and systems. You figure the rules are there for a reason (you likely created some), and you have very little tolerance for whimsical rule-breakers. You may perceive such behavior as irresponsible and childish.

You believe in using all resources wisely – especially your time. It’s no wonder “time wasters” get on your nerves! For example,  this may be why you like meeting agendas.

Thank you for bringing order to the world. You are as “good as gold.”

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