More than teambuilding…lots more!

I offer a cadre of training services from which to choose. My approach to training considers the various ways people learn as well as their temperament.

As a seasoned training consultant, I’ve taught trainers and facilitators to design interactive, engaging online learning modules. For everything from your learning objectives to your visual aids, I’ll teach you to create learning modules that exceed expectations.

My online training for workshop facilitators fuses being a content expert with guiding the adult learning process so participants learn just as much from one another as they do from you.

Update: Most sessions are online due to the recent events in our country.

Other online modules for personal and professional development include:

Kansas City True Colors “- adapted online version available

Career Exploration– exclusively online

“Increasing Human Effectiveness”
Often, we are our biggest enemies to success. This module helps teams grow stronger by working on its parts. Each participant identifies, understands, and redirects the self-sabotaging behaviors that compromise personal success and team contribution.

Learn about the other modules here.

Note: I do not deliver all training modules but guarantee a quality experience.