Teri C. Brooks
Teri C. Brooks

Kansas City-based Training Consultant

Strong, Cohesive Teams

TCB Consulting uses an interactive approach to build team cohesion.

How your team relates to one another can make or break how they feel about the job as a whole. When they have good relationships, they are more likely to feel invested in the team and possibly even the organization’s business goals. Interpersonal relationships still matter.

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TCB Consulting fuses True Colors ™ and MBTI™ research to help your team to identify the strengths each person brings to projects, efforts, and daily work. 

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Ultimate solutions

The world has changed, but the needs of your team have not. 

A Common Language

Teams benefit from a common vision and a culture they are invested in building and maintaining. TCB can help your team define that vision and interact in ways that increase productivity and personal satisfaction.

Leadership Coaching

In just one session, TCB can support you in honing the skills to refine your leadership approach and your leadership brand. One session will give you the insights you need to be a leader of substance, equity, and value.

Curricula Writing

TCB can create interactive and effective curricula for you to facilitate on your own! Let's talk about the learning goals you'd like to bring to life. TCB can help you define them and create stellar content as well!

The work...

The work TCB does is more than “work”… it’s the passion of an seasoned Kansas City training consultant
with over 30 years of experience in learning and development. 

TCB testimonials

"Teri was fantastic. The team learned so much and the time was well spent."
Kansas City trainer for workplace
Kansas City Missouri School District
Staff Retreat
"I learned so much about my coworkers. I feel I can go to them when I need them."
Kansas City trainer for workplace
Synergy Services
Training Session

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