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Hi, I'm Teri.
Trainer and Instructional Designer

With over a decade of experience in training and instructional design, I am dedicated to crafting engaging and effective learning experiences. My expertise lies in creating tailored training solutions that drive measurable results and empower learners.

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Training Facilitation Coach

In this digital age where learning knows no bounds, instructional design has become more than just a profession—it’s an art form.

It’s about blending creativity with pedagogy, technology with psychology, and innovation with impact.

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of immersing myself in diverse training experiences, each one adding a unique brushstroke to the canvas of my expertise. From traditional classroom settings to cutting-edge e-learning platforms, I’ve witnessed firsthand the power of effective instruction to inspire, engage, and empower learners of all ages.

But let’s not forget the secret sauce behind it all: the science of instructional design!

Behind every captivating course, interactive module, and “a-ha” moment lies a carefully crafted instructional architecture that frames it all and holds it all together.

It’s the art of understanding how adults learn, what motivates them, and how to design experiences that stick.

Note: I am sorry, but I am no longer consulting as an instructional designer. Be sure to visit my podcast on training topics below. Soon, I will have some exciting instruction design content there!

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In each episode, we dissect training methodologies, uncovering the most effective techniques to engage, inspire, and empower learners. Whether you’re a seasoned facilitator looking to refine your skills or someone stepping into the world of training for the first time, our episodes are packed with practical insights and strategies.

But “The Facilitator’s Edge” isn’t just about training tactics; it’s a journey of personal triumphs. We believe that the best trainers not only impart knowledge but also inspire and lead by example. Our guests, who range from seasoned trainers to motivational speakers and industry leaders, share their personal stories of overcoming challenges, mastering their craft, and achieving remarkable success.

Discover how training goes beyond the classroom, influencing personal growth and transforming lives. Each episode is a blend of expert advice and real-life narratives, providing you with a holistic understanding of the power of effective facilitation.

Whether you’re passionate about professional development, fascinated by the psychology of learning, or simply intrigued by the stories of individuals who have turned their passion into a profession, “The Facilitator’s Edge” is your go-to resource. Tune in for inspiring interviews, actionable tips, and a fresh perspective on the world of training.

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