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Training Kansas City Youth to be successful

Training Kansas City Youth for Success

I’m a better “aunt” than “mom” …when it comes to other people’s kids, that is.

Allow me to offer some context.

Training Kansas City Youth is my skill; ongoing opportunities and supports are not.

Over the years, I have developed a great reputation for  delivering engaging, effective and fun True Colors training in Kansas City.

I’ve trained the gamete – young, old and everything in between.

But, I recognized a long time ago that I am better with adults than I am

Be it ever so humble…


Kansas City Spirit

My mom is one of the most independent seniors I know.

She’s swiftly approaching the big “80”, but if you met her, you’d never guess it. Within five minutes in her presence, you’d discern she is resolutely confident, vastly intelligent and noticeably active for a woman of her years. I often think of her as invincible.

Then “yesterday” happened. For the first time ever, she fainted. I shudder at the mere thought of it.

It startled her as well – more so, in fact. For someone accustomed to being in control, that moment of public vulnerability terrified her. Thankfully, today she is relatively ok and receiving excellent care at an area hospital.

This is not a blog post about my mom as much as it is about Kansas City.

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