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Diversity training is stupid

Diversity training is a fluke. Let me use my “I” voice. The concept of training is delivering information to change performance. Performance is linked to how we reach desired goals, or simply put – how we do things. So, I conclude that issues of race, tolerance and diversity are entirely too complex for a training environment. I know.  The diversity trainers of the world are wailing in contempt. Let me start at the beginning. Racism…

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Find the right career for me

“How do I find the right career for me?” Age-old question.  Everyone has asked that question at some point. Finding the right career is the key to not dreading Monday mornings. Well, maybe that statement is a bit of a stretch. But, if you choose a career that aligns with your personality, you’re more likely to have fun at work and find the job personally fulfilling. Before you choose your first (or second career), I…

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Kansas City teambuilding training

For over twenty years, I have worked throughout Kansas City as a training facilitator in the nonprofit and business community. My career began with a non-profit called YouthNet.  Boy, I loved that job. Our funding enabled us to partner with youth development organizations to provide Advancing Youth Development (AYD) training as well as a host of other modules. We provided training for youth worksers in organizations in Kansas City such as: Boys and Girls Clubs…

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