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Increasing Human Effectiveness Kansas City

Increasing Human Effectiveness Kansas City

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Effective team workshop

“Quality begins on the inside… then works its way out.”
― Bob Moawad, Former Chairman of The Edge Institute

Increasing Human Effectiveness Training in Kansas City

Module Name

This training module, from the Edge Institute, guides you or your team through a series of activities to promote performance goals.


This process provides simple steps to silencing the negativity in your mind. You learn the patterns and behaviors that sabotage your best efforts and create a pathway toward a new way to thinking and behaving.

This training is perfect for: personal enrichment (online session), low performers on a work team and for anyone interested in reaching higher levels of personal performance.

This modules helps:

* Identify barriers to “change “and the seeds of negativity in the workplace

* Explore the concepts of personal potential and it’s link to negative behaviors

* Examine thought processes and present practical tools to inspire paradigm shifts

* Develop personal action plans for workplace success This research may be compiled into a one day experience or several modules.

Length of Training
Face-to-Face: 2 hours
Online Coaching: 2.5 hours (Divided over 2 consecutive weeks)

Training Fee(s)
Face-to-Face: $300.00 per hour

Online Coaching: $150.00 per hour

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