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Find the right career for me

Finding the right career - Kansas City Training Consultant

Find the right career for me

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“How do I find the right career for me?”

Age-old question.  Everyone has asked that question at some point.

Finding the right career is the key to not dreading Monday mornings. Well, maybe that statement is a bit of a stretch. But, if you choose a career that aligns with your personality, you’re more likely to have fun at work and find the job personally fulfilling. Before you choose your first (or second career), I want you to consider your natural talents, skills and life goals. You may not be able to attend one of my Kansas City career exploration workshops, but you can start your own journey toward self-discovery with an online session with me. This Forbes’ article is also a terrific place to get started.

Some interests are meant to be your life’s work,
others are meant to be nothing more than hobbies.
It’s important to know which is which.

Find out which is which with an online TCB coaching session. After this experience you will have a clearer picture of your strengths and the careers best suited for you.

This ONLINE self-awareness you will guide you to:

• narrow and hone-in on your personal strengths, skills and interests

• explore careers that align with those strengths and your life motivations

• create a personalized portfolio complete with your key strengths, marketable skills that align with them and a professional development plan

Find your life passion and ideal career choice based on the “real” you.

Contact TCB to inquire. <http://tericbrooks.com/blog1/contact-tcb.html>



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I'm a training consultant and training manager at a national nonprofit organization.

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