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Patti LaBelle Leadership Lesson

Life sure can deliver a lesson in the unlikeliest of places.

What I learned about leadership from
Patti LaBelle was totally unexpected.

It’s sort of a sickness. Well, not really, but I tend to see team dynamics everywhere I look – even in my “down” time.  Remember that little boy in that creepy movie who whispered “I see dead people”? Well, thank God, I don’t see the undead, but I am very attuned to team dynamics and am always “observing” them. Recently, my all-time favorite singer, Patti LaBelle, came toKansas City’s Kauffman Center of the Performing Arts  I don’t mind telling you, going was one of the high points of my month…ok…my year!   I was super excited to hear her sing; but I got much more.  Patti LaBelle taught me a few things about leadership that night.

engaging volunteers kansas city training

Engaging volunteers – Kansas City training

Have you attended my Volunteer
Management trainings in Kansas City?

I’ve been offering it for some time and during this training module, I learn just as much as I deliver.

One thing I’ve learned training Kansas City volunteer managers

prepare for online training

Prepare for Online Training

Prepare for online training before the training and things will go much smoother.

I can’t wait to share my training checklist – How to get ready for your training webinar!

I can’t wait to share my online training checklist

What’s better than being trained from the comfort of one’s own office or home? I know what is!  Being the trainer facilitating a training from the comfort of your own office or home! Online training is incredibly convenient (and sometimes) even more efficient

The Green Leadership Style

The Green Leader

It’s time to chat about the Green Leader

Gold Temperament Manager

A Gold Temperament Manager

Are you ready to learn about the manager with the Gold Temperament? Wait!  If you not sure what in the world I’m talking about with True Colors, click here.

Did you catch my previous blog post about the easy-going, peaceful Blue temperament and it’s implications on leadership? If not, check it out here!

Now, let’s talk Gold.

You have lots of strengths!

If you attended my most recent training in Kansas City, you learned Golds use task lists to manage multiple demands on their time. They like having a good “handle” on their duties and responsibilities and never want to be a slacker.

Is that you? If so, people value your ability to get things accomplished and your many  to-do lists may be a tool you help you get all done.

Team building training consultant in Kansas city

What is True Colors?

Have you wondered: What is True Colors?

Simply put, True Colors is an excellent great take on temperament research.  You’ll find it to be very similar to Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®), but  It associates color with temperaments.

True Colors consultant in Overland Park, Kansas

Discussing the Green Temperament at a Kansas City True Colors workshop!

I’ll tell you, temperament research has been a HUGE factor in how I build and maintain relationships. It has given terrific insight into others’ needs and taught me how to meet them. Far too often, we enter interpersonal encounters with a “what’s in it for me” mentality. It’s not because we are “bad” people; it has more to do with our primal nature. Have you noticed how children must be taught to share and be considerate of others? It’s because it is primal to think of oneself first. Just because it’s primal, doesn’t mean we should not mature past it.

If they want it to, True Colors(tm) can help people advance past selfish motivations and one-sided conversations. It takes intention and motivation, but if one wants to, this tool can help.

I received my certification in this research years ago. Since then, it’s become part of my life, really. It empowers me to communicate my needs in ways people can receive it. The certification process was intense. It lasted several days. The facilitators were a married couple – both with Ph.Ds.

I like Myers-Briggs, DISC and a few other bodies of data, but True Colors(tm) is my absolute favorite. It is the only module people actually “get” and remember. I can be walking through the grocery store and hear someone say “Hey, I remember you! I’m a Green!!!”

Also, my post-training assessments confirm people love learning about it and are even excited to incorporate the info into other parts of their lives.

While Myers and Briggs and DISC are great tools, I think they are too abstract. To be clear, I’m certified in both.

People cannot associate those other modules with any emotions. We remember and internalize what corresponds to our emotions. Generically speaking, colors, in themselves, are so much a part of our culture and psyche, we even choose certain ones to communicate sentiments (i.e. “true blue”, “good as gold”, etc). and to boost our moods! We respond to colors. It’s difficult to respond to letters or abstract words.

Another benefit to workgroups is the way I facilitate my training modules. I synthesize a variety trainings (of which I am certified) into my True Colors workshops. Fusing data renders a richer, deeper learning experience and a fresh look at temperament research. True Colors(tm) has been around for quite a while; I am happy to add elements to refresh it a bit.

Now is a good time to explain some of the color jargon I typically use on my blog and in my real life.

Blue – When I say “Blue”, I’m referring to the temperament that tends to be warm and relationship-oriented. These people find joy in authenticity, harmony and peaceful environments. Think about it: the color blue is calming; just as an ocean is calming. Blues are reassuring people and usually embrace tranquility.

Gold – Gold people are structured, organized and typically enjoy the “tried and true” elements of life. Gold is a durable earth element and mineral. It lasts and lasts. You can always count on a Gold to finish and complete any projects they take on.

Green – the Green temperament is logical, cognitive and often analytical. Green is the color of life and growth. It represents renewal just as this temperament is always seeking new challenges and fresh ways to innovate.

Orange – these are the fun-seekers (and fun-bringers) of the world. They are often very energetic and enjoy frequent change. Electric. Invigoration. That’s the color Orange. I need not say more.

As I share in my trainings, these descriptions are not boxes in which we all neatly fit. We’re too complex to fit into any boxes! That’s why I select words like “often” and “usually”to describe temperaments in my workshops.

Instead of imposing limitations,  think of True Colors(tm) as an emotional “peep hole”  into the needs, strengths and comfort-levels of others. It helps us socially navigate, respect boundaries and just get along better with others.

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I love this research and I hope I adequately conveyed my passion for it in this blog post. I tell you, having a clear understanding of these colors help me forge meaningful relationships with people I meet.

Now, you have an idea of what I’m talking about when I reference “colors”. Do you have a favorite temperament research? I’d love to know!

Kansas City Training Consultant


Team Maintenance in the workplace

Team maintenance in the workplace – Kansas City Workshops

Team Maintenance in the workplace

I think team maintenance is more important than team building.  Team maintenance in the workplace is often overlooked as the part of the team growth process.  It’s all about team-building, but what happens after the team has built the initial connection (or re-connection)?

Team maintenance in the workplace preserves the bonds, connections and networks necessary for collaboration. Most teams work hard to build these bonds, but they can go away.  Teams are essentially people gathered around a mission or common goal. If these people have some form of a connection (or a relationship), they are able to perform cohesively.

Cohesion Defined…

Cohesion is the connection. Collaboration is the medium by which work is accomplished.  By working together, a group of people are empowered to be effective, solve problems and be creative.

Team maintenance includes the systems and resources that keep staff engaged and the team connected. It is not always easy.  In her article, “Maybe Collaboration Doesn’t Work?“, Beth O’Neill promises “collaboration isn’t easy, and it doesn’t come naturally.”  Read the entire blog post for great insight on facilitating consensus.

It’s a Start…

Team-building, on the other hand, tends to be more introductory.  It’s the first step toward a group of humans understanding one another and building a sense of trust. After the initial “connection”, team-building should soon morph into team maintenance. It becomes something  done regularly to renew existing connections and bolster ongoing trust.

Once your team has completed group formation, brainstorm ways to strengthen those connections throughout the year. Consider it a team “oil change”.  That was corny, I know. Yeah, team maintenance ensure success …in the long-term.

Agree? Disagree?  Tweet me, comment or contact me to talk about it.

Kansas City teambuilding training

Kansas City teambuilding training

Kansas City teambuilding training

For over twenty years, I have worked throughout Kansas City as a training facilitator in the nonprofit and business community. My career began with a non-profit called YouthNet.  Boy, I loved that job.

Our funding enabled us to partner with youth development organizations to provide Advancing Youth Development (AYD) training as well as a host of other modules. We provided training for youth worksers in organizations in Kansas City such as: Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City, Girl Scouts, Anytown, Whatsoever Community Center, Synergy Services and many more.

The AYD training teaches Kansas City youth workers the “science” associated with working with young people.  Our other modules (like True Colors and parent involvement trainings) helped organizations cultivate welcoming and effective culture within the organization.

Teri C Brooks Kansas City

YouthNet is gone and I’m now a consultant focusing on Kansas City team-building training.  As a consultant, I deliver team-building training and personal effectiveness modules to change negative thinking (which soon impact performance), inept practices and strengthen teams in positive, lasting ways.

Hey, culture is where it’s at! I know that’s not grammatically correct, but it’s true! I know how to begin to change your workplace culture and I will work with you to help.


If you can change your culture you will impact performance. I’m talking about both team and personal performance.

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