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Patti LaBelle Leadership Lesson

Life sure can deliver a lesson in the unlikeliest of places. What I learned about leadership from Patti LaBelle was totally unexpected. It’s sort of a sickness. Well, not really, but I tend to see team dynamics everywhere I look – even in my “down” time.  Remember that little boy in that creepy movie who whispered “I see dead people”? Well, thank God, I don’t see the undead, but I am very attuned to team…

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How to build strong workplace teams Teambuilding in Kansas City

Difference between team-building and team cohesion

#teambuilding #teamcohesion #managers When I’m contracted to facilitate True Colors™ team-building workshops, I often ask the client to explain their goals for the training. This information helps me customize my content to meet their needs.  It also helps me understand their overall expectations of the training. More often than not, their response to my question is “team-building” or some will say “team cohesion”. It prompted me to ponder: is there a difference between team building…

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