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Prepare for Online Training

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Prepare for online training before the training and things will go much smoother.

I can’t wait to share my training checklist – How to get ready for your training webinar!

I can’t wait to share my online training checklist

What’s better than being trained from the comfort of one’s own office or home? I know what is!  Being the trainer facilitating a training from the comfort of your own office or home! Online training is incredibly convenient (and sometimes) even more efficient than traditional, face-to-face learning environments. Though it requires some focus and concentration, online trainings can provide a very specialized and personal learning experience. The keys are a solid online platform and a prepared, knowledgeable training facilitator.

Training Software

A simple Google search yields tons of internet training software and lots of reviews.  Personally, I like GotToTraining and GotToMeeting’s GoToWebinar – I know that’s a weird sentence, but those are the brand names. I won’t spend much time on this subject because I feel the software is like a car. While it’s the vehicle that takes you to your destinations, the make and model are not really that important.  Sure, my Lexus is much more comfortable than my Toyota Corolla (in real life, I have neither), but in the end, both will get me to my destination.  One vehicle may offer more “bells and whistles” than another, but the contents and destination are everything.

Training software is useless if the training is poorly designed or the facilitator is unprepared, easily distracted and isn’t knowledgeable.  With that said, if you know your stuff, the software is just a tool.

Let’s dive in to my tips on how to get ready for your webinar. I welcome your feedback!

Take care of your voice on training day.

For successful online training classes or courses, our voices are instruments of utmost importance. Sure, it sounds like a dramatic statement. But, I’ve been a trainer long enough to experience the results of not taking care of my “instrument” on a robust training day.  Once I attended a basketball game the morning of a workshop.  It never dawned on me how weak my voice could become after even mild cheering.  I really wasn’t doing that much.  However, I did enough to affect my voice. So, nowadays I try to be quieter before my online sessions.   Maybe there really is something to singers not speaking before a performance. Go figure.  Some even gorge on hot tea with honey, which brings me to my next point.

I drink warm tea and honey prior to a rigorus (i.e. long) training. Avoid sodas  – no explaination needed. #burp

Finally, my Kansas City office is dry. In fact, the air in my entire house is simply arid.  Aaaah…the joys of a cool mist humidifier. I keep one in my home office just in case I feel that dry feeling a cup of tea or water wont’ sooth.  All this may sound like a lot, but people pay me for these online modules and they deserve the best I can offer.


Set the tone for your online training.
Background noise is a big “no no”. Even faint mechanical sounds (i.e. furnaces and such) can be easily picked up by a mic. No good; it’s unprofessional. For me, most of my trainings are in my home office, but sometimes my guest room is my training spot of choice. The bottom line: you need a closed door, an excellent microphone and your training environment is set. Confession:  sometimes my favorite classic TV show is playing on a muted television.  It strikes an emotional tone that sort of soothes me.  Is that weird?


I need my rations.
Near my laptop, you will always find water, cough drops and tissues. That’s just me.  Depending how long my training is and how vocal I was during that day, I can easily lose my voice toward the end of it.  So, tepid water always helps. If I do get a case of the coughs, I pop in a cough drop and I’m back to me. I’ve even been known to do a Wendy Williams and drop a cough drop into my warm water from time to time.

Prepare the technology.
I usually log in to my software at least 30 minutes before the training start time. If there are any tech issues, I want to know sooner rather than later. It’s not necessary to log in that early, but it’s a risk you’ll assume.

I start with a fresh reboot for my laptop. Sometimes, my tech baby can get slow and bogged down from a day of usage and moving around (i.e. rendezvous with public wifi’s and such.)

I like a fresh start so my clients get the best experience.

Now, this lesson I want you to learn from my own personal failure:  always have your laptop charger close.  Another “no explanation needed” moment.

 Then, it’s time to re-check my training supplements.  Are my online polls completed and ready? Are the handouts or videos where they should be? From time to time, GoToTraining drops my docs. I like to check prior to training time just to be on the safe side.

Again, if I have a problem, I want to know sooner rather than later.

Well, that’s it. Now you know how to get ready for your training webinar.

What’s yours?

Note: Most of my online trainings and workshops have been exclusive to my real-life clients in Kansas City.  They include supplemental True Colors modules, DISC, The Principles of Customer Service and Increasing Human Effectiveness. However, soon I will schedule them online for anyone interested.

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