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Teambuilding Trainings in Kansas City


teambuilding trainings in Kansas City including True Colors, Volunteer Management and Increasing Human Effectiveness

Volunteer Management Training consultant in Kansas City

Teambuilding trainings in Kansas City including
True Colors, Volunteer Management and
Increasing Human Effectiveness.

TCB offers a cadre of training services from which to choose.

Our approach to training considers the various ways people learn as well as their temperament. No one dimensional training experience works for all teams/individuals. We customize the experience based on adult learning theory, business objectives and the current team climate.

“Describe your team culture”. 

Be prepared to answer this question during your first TCB consultation. Your answer helps us shape (and create) training content that meets specific challenges head on.



Everyone contributes to team success. Everyone has a role and bring their own skills, perspectives and attitude to the process.

All trainings include customized didactics and take-a-way tools for continued learning.

Remember, each training is offered as both a face-to-face and/or an online training environment.

Kansas City True Colors adapted online version available

Increase Your Effectivenessavailable online

Career Exploration exclusively online

Increasing Human Effectiveness”
Often, we are our biggest enemies to success. This module helps teams grow stronger by working on it’s parts. Each participant identifies, understands and redirects the self-sabotaging behaviors that compromise personal success and team contribution.

“Advancing Youth Development” 

Willingness is not the only requirement to working with teens. This module explores tactics, tips and strategies youth professionals (or youth workers) must master in order to maximize young people’s strengths and ways to increase youth participation. Youth workers learn the science behind engaging young people.

“Facilitative Leadership” 
This is a terrific people-centered process that explores several ways a team can reach and maintain consensus. It introduces a quality and results driven process of developing and supporting a culture in the workplace that facilitates goal achievement through effective relational processes. In short: it helps teams get along better and understand why.

Train the Trainer
Training, in itself, is a science of balance. Driving learning is much more than public speaking. Trainers must be able to balance information-delivery with meeting the various needs of the learners. This training teaches the trainer how to manage temperaments, personalities and learning styles – all while delivering a multi-faceted, fun learning experience.

Adventures in Attitudes (AiA)
This module is the ultimate EQ resource. It helps people learn to manage their emotions, to develop greater understanding, empathy and flexibility skills at work and in life. AiA facilitates the discovery of timeless powerful principals that affect our success regardless of our work or technical skill set. It changes people’s lives by helping them control their emotions and their thoughts.

Increasing Parent Involvement
Several years ago, Teri attended a training to learn this research from it’s author Dr. Joyce Epstein of Johns Hopkins University. It presents a framework for defining six different types of parent involvement and explores ways to leverage each one. Increasing Parent Involvement assists educators in developing an equitable approach to school and family partnership programs.

Note: Teri C. Brooks does not deliver all training modules, but we guarantee a quality experience.

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