Teambuilding Trainings in Kansas City


Volunteer Management Training consultant in Kansas City

Teambuilding trainings in Kansas City including
True Colors, Volunteer Management and
Increasing Human Effectiveness.

TCB offers a cadre of training services from which to choose.

You choose the process.  Your training experience can focus on either an introspective approach or an exclusively group-oriented one.

It all depends on what’s going on internally.

For teams under stress, TCB recommends a combination of the two.  If your team is struggling with internal discord or managing change, they will benefit greatly from opportunities for self-evaluation and team cohesion activities. It’s important for individuals to have a moment to explore their role in team challenges as well as team solutions. This empowers them to become catalyst toward positive change.  After that reflection and a few “aha” moments, they are perfectly positioned to explore team culture and bonding.




Simply put: first internal then external.


All trainings include customized didactics and take-a-way tools for continued learning.

Remember, each training is offered as both a face-to-face and/or an online training environment.

Kansas City True Colors

Increase Your Effectivenessavailable online

Career Explorationexclusively online

Note: Teri C. Brooks does not deliver all training modules, but we guarantee a quality experience.

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