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Monthly ArchiveDecember 2016

orange manager true colors

The Orange Leadership Style

Let’s talk about the Orange Leadership Style in this post.

Also, if you not sure what in the world I’m talking about with True Colors, click here.

The Orange temperament (#personalitytypes) tends to be flexible, easy-going and naturally open to change. They are rarely bogged down with the struggles of life. Not that they don’t have struggles, it’s just that they choose not to allow the burdens to affect them as deeply as other temperaments might. The phrase “keep it moving” is likely coined by a person of the Orange temperament.

Let’s be clear. The Orange True Colors temperament has feelings.  They may not show them often Andy to everyone (unless their second color is Blue).  Their feelings can be hurt, but they tend to be emotionally resilient and on to the next thing before the “hurt” sets in. Again, they keep it moving.

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