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Dressing inappropriately for job interview

Dressing inappropriately for a job interview should not be a  fatal career mishap. I felt so badly.  I almost couldn’t rebound from that lurking, heavy, dark sense of regret. It was like a gray cloud looming over my training and I couldn’t seem to shake it. I thought about what I should have said, could have said and ended back at the point of the scenario where remorse resided. Let me get you caught up. The…

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Managing Volunteers -Tips for Volunteer Managers

Managing volunteers is the trickiest of management situations. It requires a share of intentionality, planning and even mind-reading.  #Volunteers #Volunteermanagement (sorry, this is for my Twitter feed). 🙂 First of all, volunteers are not staff. Duh, right? Unlike staff, they are not aligned to your organization because of a paycheck. I like to say, volunteers are “paid in currency of the heart”. They serve because they care. Either they care about your mission, your constituency or…

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