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Personal and Team Effectiveness

True Colors Training

The first step toward optimal performance!

TCB Consulting Services

TCB teaches how to leverage innate gifts and talents for lasting success!

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True Colors Temperament Workshops

True Colors is still the easiest [to implement] team-building tool available in the world of training. It's a classic - in the best sense of the word! Our modules empower teams to manage conflict, minimize tension and work as well-oiled, synchronized units.

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Staff Retreats

Need a dynamic, interactive speaker for your next staff retreat? A TCB trainer is just what you need to bring new "life" to the event! We'll customize individual and group activities to energize your team and unite them around your business and organizational goals. Call today for details!

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Change Management

One thing you can always count on in life is change. The workplace is no different. How you (and your team) manage the change is as significant as the changes themselves. Equip yourself and/or your team to adapt and handle organizational shifts and re-structures with resilience and flexibility.

Many paths lead to success, but they all begin with YOU!

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Office Culture

A healthy office culture doesn't "just" happen - anymore than a tree "just" emerges from the soil. TCB Consulting plants the seeds of tolerance and understanding that lead to a productive, unified team.

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Creative Group Activities

Our activities are intentional, methodical and meet learning goals. Games are OK for entertainment, but when you want activities that render results, contact TCB Consulting.

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Your Team

Your team is a unique as the individuals that comprise it. Let us customize experiences that will define (or re-define) your workplace culture and your team strengths.

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Workshop Design & Train the Trainer

Schedule a "Train the Trainer" class. Discover the science behind delivering quality learning experiences in professional development settings.

Latest blog posts

We work with new clients to build cohesive teams and optimal personal performance.

Working with people of different ages
2017 4 comments

Working with people of different ages

Working with Millennials, Boomers, Gen Xers can be challenging. But, not impossible.  Let’s talk about working with people of different ages and building strong teams. #GenX #millennials #Babyboomer During the span of my career, I’ve been part of so many meetings I couldn’t begin to tell you how many. But, I’m noticing something a little […]

2017 No Comments

Schedule a True Colors to build your team!

It may seem impossible for individuals with different values, strengths, backgrounds and needs to work together as a cohesive team. But, it’s not. The key lies in understanding. Once individuals understand the needs and stressors of others, they can interact in ways that promote team cohesion and empathy. An effective team gets results and meets […]

team building kansas city
2017 No Comments

Patti LaBelle Leadership Lesson

Life sure can deliver a lesson in the unlikeliest of places. What I learned about leadership from Patti LaBelle was totally unexpected. It’s sort of a sickness. Well, not really, but I tend to see team dynamics everywhere I look – even in my “down” time.  Remember that little boy in that creepy movie who […]

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